About Kaztopia

Every once in a while, God blesses some unfortunate soul. Back in 1996, he chose me. It took me close to 15 years to figure it all out, but now I realize, I live in KAZTOPIA :-p

You may try to find KAZTOPIA in the dictionary, or on wikipedia, or under your bed; but its not there. This is my place – my perfect world. I was blessed back in 1996 with an amazing friend and partner to share my life with. Char has dedicated her life to me, and given us two wonderful boys.

We live in one of the most beautiful spots on Earth, we do amazing things every day. Some guys have all the luck, and I’m fortunate to be one of those guys. We’re “living the dream” everyday. I hope you enjoy getting a little glimpse of what life is like in KAZTOPIAl

Ever wonder what motivates me?  So did I – and I wanted to make sure it’s the RIGHT stuff, so I created a personal mission statement.  If you know me, and I am not living to this mission statement, please hold me accountable!

My mission is to have a significant impact on people in both personal and professional ways without being significant myself, to love others before myself, and to be content (with myself) in this world and not covet its possessions.  My mission is to lead by example first at home, then outside my house in a godly way. I will use my leadership, vision, technological and entrepreneurial skills combined with my strong, fearless and knowledge-seeking personality to succeed in whatever I do.

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